Decades of Dedication

We are continually committed into researching and developing the best innovative way to monitor blood pressure for global clinical and healthcare organisations.

Proven over Decades

Our founders have dedicated their careers to research and development of a clinically accurate, reliable, and convenient way to monitor blood pressure at home 24/7.

We turn insights into
action in the fight against hypertension.

At Aktiia, we harness the power of data to inform and engage people with hypertension and to enable physicians to deliver more targeted and timely care.

Aktiia History

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Aktiia Co-Founders start working

Josep and Mattia join the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM)

Cuffless Blood Pressure R&D Process

30+ techniques tested, 10+ studies conducted;
1 proven solution: Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring

Josep Solà defends his PhD thesis

His research on continuous non-invasive BP estimation is the technology behind Aktiia’s monitoring solutions.

Aktiia is founded

Clinical Trial Confirms Accuracy of Cuffless BP Monitoring

Aktiia’s clinical trial, highlighted in Blood Pressure Monitoring journal, demonstrates its optical device’s accuracy in measuring blood pressure without cuffs, compared to traditional arterial line methods.

Aktiia's Clinical Trial Validates Cuffless BP Monitoring Versus Auscultation

Aktiia’s trial successfully compares its cuffless BP monitoring technology against traditional auscultation methods, ensuring accuracy during posture changes. This supports the device’s use for consistent 24-hour blood pressure tracking.

Aktiia earns the CE mark

Aktiia is classified as a Class IIa Medical Device, adhering to the highest safety and performance standards in the European Union.

Aktiia debuts in the UK Market

Aktiia continues its expansion, offering its advanced health monitoring technologies to the UK audience.

1 Million Readings

Aktiia launches in Six European Markets

Aktiia brings its cutting-edge solution to Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria and Ireland.

4 Million Readings

Nature Cardiology Reviews features Aktiia data

20 Million Readings

Nature Publication Validates Aktiia's Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy

Published in Nature Scientific Reports, Aktiia’s study demonstrates the consistent accuracy of its wearable blood pressure monitor across different body positions.

30 Million Readings

50 Million Blood Pressure Measurements

Aktiia Study in Nature Shows Cuffless Monitor on Par with 24-h Daytime ABPM

Aktiia’s cuffless BP monitor is validated by a Nature Hypertension study, showing equivalent accuracy to 24-hour ambulatory monitoring in cardiac rehab patients.

100 Million Readings

150 Million Readings

Study of Aktiia device in the elderly

Evaluating its performance in different body positions with auscultation as the reference measurement.

Aktiia's Global Research Footprint Expands

Aktiia’s blood pressure technology is at the forefront of medical innovation, participating in over 20 clinical trials worldwide to improve patient care and health outcomes.

200 Million Readings

The unique data from Aktiia’s automated 24/7 blood pressure solution leads to never-before-possible insights about cardiovascular health.

It’s our mission to transform this data into programs and service that will help people live their lives free from hypertension.

The unique data from Aktiia’s automated 24/7 blood pressure solution leads to never-before-possible insights about cardiovascular health.

Team / Aktiia’s team of experts has:​

4 PhD’s in biomedical signal processing
Over 120 peer-reviewed publications
Over 35 collective patents
Member of ISO/IEEE committees
Editor of “Cuffless Blood Pressure Handbook”
  • Mattia Bertschi

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Josep Solà

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Dr. Jay Shah

    Chief Medical Officer

Advised By

  • Dr. Naomi Fisher

    Director, Hypertension Services, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
    Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
  • Dr. Grégoire Wuerzner

    Chief of Nephrology & Hypertension, CHUV
    President, Swiss Hypertension
  • Dr. Richard Milani

    Chief Clinical Transformation Officer & Vice-Chairman of Cardiology, Ochsner Health
  • Prof. Melvin Lobo

    Medical Director,
    St. Barts Blood Pressure Clinic
    NHS Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Aktiia’s team of experts has:

4 PhD’s in biomedical signal processing​
Over 120 peer-reviewed publications
Over 35 collective patents
Member of ISO/IEEE committees
Editor of "Cuffless Blood Pressure Handbook"
  • Josep Solà

    Chief Technology Officer
    Ph.D. in Telecommunications from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Editor of the book “The Handbook of Cuffless Blood pressure Monitoring - A practical guide for clinicians, researchers, and engineers“ published by Springer
  • Jay Shah MD FACC

    Chief Medical Officer
    Practicing cardiovascular disease expert with 17+ years expertise. Previously Mayo Clinic, Mass General
  • Mattia Bertschi

    Chief Executive Officer
    Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
  • Neil Puri

    Head of Quality & Regulatory
    15+ years in regulated industries. Held multiple leadership roles at Dexcom
  • Mathieu Danthony

    Head of Finance
    MS in Finance, CPA, 13+ years of international finance experience
  • Daniel Graf

    Independent board member. Previously at Google, Uber, Twitter, Dispatch Health
  • Martin McMullan

    Business Development Manager
    BSc in Pharmacology, clinical technology specialist

Advised by:

  • Dr. Grégoire Wuerzner

    Principal Investigator of the pivotal validation studies, CHUV, Switzerland
  • M.D. Bruce S. Alpert

    Plough Foundation Chair of Excellence, U of TN. American Heart Association Fellow
  • Naomi Fisher

    Director, Hypertension Service at Brigham and Women's Hospital Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

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